Food Leaders Lab

The Food Leaders Lab (FLL) is a leadership training program offered by the Los Angeles Food Policy Council.

The Food Leaders Lab trains community advocates and residents on the histories of food justice movements, political leadership, and strategies for a healthy, resilient and just food system in Los Angeles through a ten-week intergenerational, multi-lingual course.

Each Food Leaders Lab session explores food system dynamics and case studies from various social movements including anti-hunger and community food security, food sovereignty and regenerative agriculture. In addition, the Food Leaders Lab emphasizes leadership development and skill building relevant to policy, advocacy and community organizing.


Topics covered in Food Leaders Lab:  

  • Structural racism in the food system

  • Agroecology and regenerative food systems

  • Food environment issues

  • Farm and food worker issues

  • Food justice and food sovereignty

  • Health inequities, food access and food insecurity

The Food Leaders Lab also builds leadership skills:

  • Public speaking

  • Personal story as political action tool

  • Policy and political analysis

  • Data-driven policy making

  • Popular education and communications

  • Community organizing


Food Leaders Lab participants gain the knowledge needed to feel confident in their ability to discuss the history of our modern food system and competing political interests that shape it, from understanding food movement lineages to the relevance of food systems organizing today. Additionally, students grow in their ability to recommend policy, to design community programs, and to educate their respective communities and families.

The pilot Food Leaders Lab launched in January 2019 in partnership with Social Justice Learning Institute, Brotherhood Crusade, American Friends Services Committee - Roots For Peace Program, and the Los Angeles Neighborhood Land Trust.

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