Agriculture is both a major contributor to climate change, and a critical tool for reversing it. Localized farming and regenerative agriculture are ways to ensure LA is able to withstand major climate events, chronic drought and ensure food resources for future generations.

Regenerative agriculture refers to an approach to farming that replenishes healthy soil, biodiversity and ecosystems instead of destroying or depleting natural resources.

Urban agriculture connects people to where our food comes from, and provides affordable access to fresh food, green space for urban communities and social cohesion. Urban gardens and farms also help remediate soil, clean and store water in dense urban environments and helps cool increasingly warmer urban environments.


LAFPC hosts the Urban Agriculture Working Group, which focuses on land use and access for urban agriculture, and successfully won the first urban agriculture program in the County and City of Los Angeles. To find out how your property can qualify for the Urban Agriculture Incentive Zone Program, visit the County of Los Angeles Department of Regional Planning.

Working Group Chairs

Christina Perez, Social Justice Learning Institute

Jes McBride, Open Silo

Mary MacVean, Grow Good

To join this Working Group, please drop us a line here.