Los Angeles is home to over 50,000 sidewalk vendors, many who sell food reflecting the cultural diversity of our city. Los Angeles is also the largest city in the United States without a sidewalk vending program. For decades, street food vendors have operated in the shadows of our economy, facing citations, fines, arrest and even deportation at times, simply for vending.

Like many global cities, Los Angeles cuisine celebrates street food, and many famous chefs started their careers in mobile food trucks or carts. Street food vending is an affordable path with low barriers to get started in the culinary field. Mobile fruteros - fruit vendors- and other healthy food vendors bring culturally relevant fresh food options to food desert neighborhoods. For these reasons, LAFPC supports a fair permit program for sidewalk vendors.

LAFPC is a founding member of the Los Angeles Street Vendor Campaign. Through our efforts, we hope to see a permit program that empowers street vendors as entrepreneurs, promotes healthy food access and food safety, and makes city sidewalks vibrants and safe for all.

Interested in learning more about the campaign? Please drop us a line here.